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Matplus GmbH an independent specialist for materials data systems and associated services. We combine practical material competences with software know-how. Our services range from materials consultancy to industrial research projects for development of new materials and technologies. Our software solutions help you to develop and optimize innovative materials solutions and efficient manufacturing processes. This includes systems for capturing materials data from different sources and the implementation company-wide knowledge bases for materials information. 

  • JMatPro JMatPro® is the unique and easy-to-use tool for generating material data for CAE simulations and optimizing products and processes. Consistent temperature and analysis dependent data are generated for a variety of alloying systems. For materials optimization it can be used together with EDA®.
  • EDA EDA® is a flexible information system for materials data. It integrates data acquisition, modeling and knowledge management. Areas of application range from the capturing of material data from different sources to be used in design and products development up to  to ICME "Integrated Computational Materials Engineering"