A growing compilation of technical publications, which are available in full-text for SX-Professioanl users.

German TTT-Atlas: Atlas zur Wärmebehandlung der Stähle

The complete and legendary VDEh "Heat treatment atlas of steels" (Wärmebehandlungsatlas der Stähle, German) includes a huge knowledge base related to Time-Temperature-Transformation (TTT) and  Time-Temperature-Austenitisation (TTA-Diagrams). Decades after publication (1958-1974) it has still enormous  practical value for understanding and design of heat treatments.  

It was published by  Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) in collaboration with Technical University of Berlin and the Materials commission of steel-institute VDEH.

Although it is published in German language the technical illustrations should be of interest also for international customers.


Atlas of Precipitates in Steels

The Library is now extended by the "Atlas of Precipitates in Steels"  Reference book. This  600 page volume helps  scientists and practical metallurgists to obtain information about the  precipitates to be expected in a particular steel, thus giving reliable indications  of the probable properties and behavior.



Full text indexed FOSTA Reports
FOSTA Research Reports

All digitally available FOSTA-Reports  (> 100) are now online for SX-Pro subscribers.

FOSTA is a research federation and provides funding and project management of application-oriented steel research and development

Reseach partners of FOSTA are Institutes, Universities, Engineering companies and industrial companies working with steel.

Research and development is focussed on:

  • Vehicle manufacturing, Forming technology, Joining Technology
  • Steel construction, Bridge construction, Composite construction, Light-weight design
  • Environmental protection
  • Manufacturing of tanks, reservoirs, containers


Stahl-Informations-Zentrum Notes (SIZ)

The notes of this series give a concentrated overview of the application diversity as well as The breadth of the working and processing of steel.

For a better understanding they are extensively illustrated with photos and technical drawings. Some editions were translated into English.