Register of European Steels

Register of European Steels

The Register of european Steels  (Register euroäischer Stähle) is the official compilation of all registered and maintained  European  Standards for steels according to EN10027-2.  This is maintained by the
European Steels  Registration office at Stahlinstitut VDEh of  Duesseldorf, Germany.    

  • Chemical composition,  mechanical properties, forms, delivery conditions, and suppliers for these  materials    
  • Temperature-dependent physical properties for over 450 of these materials (per SEW 310)


The Register of european Steels includes over 2,500 steels,  440 of which are stainless steels.

  • 480+ non-alloy standard steels
  • 150+ alloy standard steels
  • 440+ stainless steels
  • 200+ non-alloy special steels
  • 1,000+  other alloy special steels


Data on each steel includes:

  • Material designations: material number per EN 10027-2
    (Werkstoffnummer), shortname per EN 10027-1, tradenames, characteristics, purpose
  • Cross-reference to table of delivery conditions (applicable European Standards 350+)
  • Composition specification including footnotes
  • Mechanical properties: yield strength, tensile strength,
    elongation, impact energy (Charpy V-notch), hardness, shearability
  • Cross-reference to table of suppliers (150+)
  • available forms
  • withdrawn grades
  • temperature-dependent data (for 450 materials)
    • Density   
    • Thermal expansion coefficient
    • Modulus of elasticity (Young's  Modulus)     
    • Specific heat capacity
    • Specific electrical resistivity     
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Thermal diffusivity