StahlDat SX Professional

The advanced system for demanding users

The Professional subscription brings substantial extensions - in addition to the standard edition.

More data, full access to the subseqent modules:

  • Steel sheet data with design-relevant properties for Automotive steels. Thousands of measurements and curves, e.g. stress-strain-curves, forming-limit-curves (FLC's), Bulge-tests, dynamic tensile tests, etc.


  • TTT database   having more than 250 TTT-, CCT-, TTA- Diagrams and more than 2000 references to other diagrams.




Visualisation of flow curve model
  • Flow Curve Database which covers 500+ parametric flow  curves for 150+ steel grades at different  microstructures. The flow curves  result from the so called Hensel-Spittel  mathematical models, which are well established in metal forming industries.  Taking advantage of the graphical-modeling capabilities of GRANTA MI, users can now  generate any desired flow-curve for specific parameters,
    i.e. temperature,  strain-rate, strain.



  • Library, containing the "German TTT/TTA Atlas" is now extended by the "Atlas of Precipitates in Steels"  Reference book. This  600 page volume helps  scientists and practical metallurgists to obtain information about the  precipitates to be expected in a particular steel, thus giving reliable indications  of the probable properties and behavior.


More functions, e.g..:

  • Compare up to 25 materials in a report 
  • Substitute functionality to find alternative materials
  • Watch-list and automated messages upon changes of data


StahlDat SX Pro


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