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Welcome to StahlDat SX the leading European steel database

StahlDat SX is the only authorized publication of the European Steel Register and a continuously growing knowledge base for steel on the Internet.

Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels)

The Stahl-Eisen-Liste (Register of European Steels) is the official and current collection of all European steel grades, registred with their European matrial number (EN 10027-2) and referenced in European standards.

The Register of Steels also makes available links to European producers, their associated steel grades and product forms and trade names.

Steel Institute VDEh, the German Steel Federation within Stahl-Zentrum Düsseldorf represents the European Steel Registration entity and publishes their data in StahlDat SX exlusively.

Technical Rules (Stahl-Eisen-Blätter) by Steel Institute VDEh and all reports by FOSTA e.V. are included in the Stahldat Professional Abonnements.

The unique solution for many use cases

StahlDat brings current and official materials property data to different target audiences:

  • Procurement and trading in the field of semifinshed products made of steel

  • Quality and standards-departments of producers and users of steel

  • Design and technology experts in product development and production.

Attractive subscroptions with adapted performance

StahlDat SX Online is available in three levels of subscrption :

  • Community: Free access after registration

  • Standard: Cost effictive access for many users

  • Professional: Comprehensive acccess to extra functionality and data