Register of European Steels

The Register of European Steels is the official and up-to-date list of all registered steel grades in European standards with their material numbers (EN 10027-2). The European Steel Register also contains all steel grades registered to the European Steel Registry, including trademarks of European manufacturers. The Steel Institute VDEh in the Steel Center Düsseldorf, as the central European steel registry, publishes this data exclusively in the StahlDat SX.

According to classification in DIN EN 10020: 2000-07 contains the register of European steels

  • over 550 unalloyed and alloyed quality steels
  • over 450 stainless steels; heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials (RSH steels)
  • over 150 unalloyed stainless steels
  • over 1000 other alloyed stainless steels. In addition, these materials are linked with
  • over 150 European producers of steel and semi-finished products with corresponding trade names
  • over 350 international standards
  • For 450 selected materials are also thermophysical properties (properties as a function of temperature) available, for example: Elasticity modulus, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, el. Resistance.
  • Pictures from the register of European steels

Register of European steels

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