Hardenability curves

Hardenability curves

The underlying models are valid for a limited range of chemical composition, which is displayed with. Within the validity periods, the user can generate as many hardenability curves as they like and export them from the system - the standard display corresponds to the mean value analysis The hardenability calculation is part of the StahlDat SX standard version.

image example Fig. 1: Hardenability curve

Calculation of hardenability

Calculate forehead quenching hardness (Jominy test) from the chemical analysis

All Steel Iron Test Sheet 1664 models: 2013 The Steel Iron Test Sheet SEP1664-2013 provides regression models for the calculation of hardenability for the following material groups:

  • Cr-tempered steels
  • CrMo tempered steels
  • MnCr insert steels
  • MnCr hardened steels higher strength
  • MnCrB tempered steels
  • MnCrB insert steels
  • CrNi insert steels
  • CrNiMo Case Steels (2003)
  • MoCr Case Steels (2012)
  • CrV tempering steel
  • C-tempered steels
  • CrB tempered steels
  • AFP steels
  • Chain steels